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How To Find The Best Attar Perfume In The World For Ladies?

Attar is one of the most well-known royal fragrance perfume and prized possessions of Muslims across the globe. There is hardly any Muslim home around the world, where you find the absence of attar. Traditionally known by the name of Ittar, these highly concentrated perfumes are available for sale in flea markets across the world in small decorated bottles. The liquid is concentrated to such a level that the perfume will last you several weeks if not months of use. Attar is made of natural and pure oil and therefore there are very little chances of it getting spoiled, thus giving the product a longer shelf life.

In the older times, it was a tradition followed in every household to offer Attar bottles to every guest visiting one’s home. These small perfumes come in decorated crystal bottles know an Itardans and is ornately and meticulously designed to add to its glamour. The tradition of giving attar as gifts to guests before their departure continues to be a tradition among many Muslim households even today.

How to choose the best attar perfume in the world?

A lot of people are oblivious to this fact, but there is a attar for every season and they can be classified based on its effect on the human body.

  1. Attar for Winter- During the winter season, it is best to choose Attars which have a warm effect on the body. Fragrances such as Musk, Amber and Kesar should be the ones you choose.

  2. Attar for Summers- Similar to the winter season, there are Attars which have a cooling effect on the body. These are made of ingredients like Rose, Jasmine and Kewda and are known to keep the body cool and fresh in the peak of summers.

While all brands manufactures Attars for both the genders, the right way to choose which will be best for you is by knowing its notes. You can classify them according to top or head notes, base notes and middle or heart notes. The different notes are created in accordance to the evaporation process and thereby underlying the intended use of the perfume.

If the notes in a particular Attar is mixed, then it may lead to a mixed effect on the user. For example, the presence of both base note and top or head note, will make the head note the strongest and the base note will dry out over time.

In conclusion, the best way to choose high quality perfume oils like attar that will suite your style and choice of fragrance is to have an in-depth knowledge about its notes. Try not to mix notes and always buy from reputable brands. This will guarantee that the attar will have its desired effect and also will have a sustained shelf life.

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