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How To Make Your Favorite Aromatics Perfume Last Longer

A perfume is one of the most important accessories for a woman. It is not just a regular fragrance for her; it is rather a way to express herself and feel more confident. But, it happens quite often that your favorite perfumes, even the most strongest one, gets disappeared by lunchtime.

Hence, one must follow some tips to ensure that the Siberian musk deer lasts longer. A number of surveys have found the following ways that you too, can use very easily.

  1. Do Not Overdo It
    The first and most basic mantra of keeping your perfumes smell pleasant for longer is to avoid over-using it. At sometime after applying the perfume, we become used to the smell, and therefore become unable to smell our own perfume. This is why most of the people keep spraying the perfume again and again, which minimizes the effect of the perfume.

  2. Use the Right Technique
    To make sure that the natural perfume oils stay for long, you also need to ensure that you use the right technique for applying the perfume. Your body must be moisturized post shower and it is always better to concentrate on the pulse points of your body. These points include, wrists, behind knees, neck etc.

  3. Store It At The Right Place
    Many people have a habit of placing perfumes in their bathrooms, which is a big no-no. If you want to retain the quality of your perfume, you must not store it in a damp, dark place or in your bathroom. Even the best attar perfume in the world won’t work for you, if you place it in warm place.

  4. Do Not Rub
    This is one of the most common mistakes that most of the people commit. When you spray the perfume on your wrist, do not rub it, as it makes the fragrance vanish faster. Also, the top notes of the perfume disappear faster.

At present, one can easily find a huge variety of attar perfume online. However, if you are unable to understand or follow such simple tips, you will basically be not able to make the most out of exotic fragrances in the world.

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5 Most Expensive And Best Attar Perfumes In The World

Most of the best smelling perfumes in the world are generally very expensive, yet worth purchasing. You feel just like an Arabian princesses after wearing those exotic fragrance oils. Don’t you?


So, if you are all set to purchase yet another perfume oil and create a massive collection, here are some of the best attar perfumes in the world that you must know -


  1. Bulgarian Rose
  2. Rose production is very time intensive. Therefore, these perfumes oils are known to be the most expensive oils in the world. Almost 70% of the rose oil in the entire world is produced in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley. The workers, which are mostly women pick the flowers between May and June and have to complete their jobs before sunrise. Each flower is cut individually before taking them to a distillery. All such efforts, do make the oil expensive.
  1. Jasmine

80% of women's perfumes consist of jasmine. But, pure jasmine perfume is very expensive. Almost 2,000 pounds of jasmine flowers are required to produce just one pound of jasmine oil. This is why this oil is so expensive.


  1. Oud

It is often regarded as sultan perfume oil, as it has been used by royalty and sultans in the entire world. It is one of the most luxurious oils on the list, and is produced from agar trees. Reports say that only only 2% of the trees produce fragrant oud oil, which is why the oil becomes so expensive and rare.


  1. Ambergris

If you are looking for ambergris perfume for sale, you certainly have a good taste. The reason why it so expensive is that it is produced from the intestines of sperm whales. The fecal matter of the whale is also used in the production of this perfume.


  1. Musk

Natural musk oil is produced from the musk pods inside a musk dear. Until the late 19th century, musk, in its natural form, was used extensively. However, today musk perfume is produced majorly on a synthetic basis, as the former involves poaching of the deer, which is not legal. Be it natural or synthetic, musk oils are very pleasant and ideal to wear on any occasion.


All of these perfumes make up for a good collection. Apart from these top 5, ‘Orris’ is also one of the perfumes that is well known among the perfume lovers. So, if you have a special occasion around, or simply want to have a variety of perfumes at home, do check out these amazing stuffs.


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Oud Perfume Oil – The Most Luxurious Fragrance Oil In The World

There is a huge variety of incense fragrance oils in the world, out of which oud oil is known to be the most expensive oil used by the high-end people of the society. The reason behind this is that this oil is distilled from the popular Agarwood tree.

If you have a bit knowledge about trees, you might certainly know that agarwoord is listed among the most expensive trees in the world. Hence, the oil extracted from the same, would obviously be expensive.


The Oil For Royalty


For centuries, oud perfume oil has been used by Sultans and royalty around the world. To justify this, there are several stories in the historic past. One of the stories tell us about the King Louis XIV of France, who used to get his clothes washed in Oud oil. Isn’t it a fascinating fact to know?

Even today, perfume oil oud is considered as a luxury item used by the western royal society and the royalty in Arabia and across the world.


Benefits of Oud Oil


Oud oil is used in various ways, owing to its number of benefits, such as the following -

  • This oil is highly psychoactive. Hence, it is greatly helpful in easing obsessive and neurotic behavior.
  • It helps in improving mental clarity.
  • It helps in providing enhanced awareness, enhancing mental functionality, keeping the body calm, reducing fear, removing negative energies and invoking a feeling of harmony.
  • It relieves epilepsy.
  • Agarwood is a tonic, antimicrobial, diuretic, aphrodisiac, carminative and anti-asthmatic.
  • Oud oil is also helpful in cancer, bronchial complaints, nervous disorders, shortness of breath, rheumatism, smallpox, asthma, diarrhoea, weakness in the elderly, chills, spasms in the respiratory or digestive systems, abdominal pain, colic, illness during and after pregnancy, general pains, cirrhosis of the liver, nausea, regurgitation and fevers.
  • The oil is found to be very effective for deep tranquility, meditation, relaxation and enlightenment.

How To Distinguish Between Pure & Synthetic Oud For Sale


If you are planning to purchase oud oil online or from a local store, make sure you know how to spot the difference between pure & synthetic oud oil.

The simplest way to spot the difference between the two is through their smell. The smell of oud can be described as heavenly, balsamic and woody. It surrounds a warm aura of woody and bitter sweet nuance. On the other hand, synthetic Oud lacks that warm balsamic aura and has a plain woody and leathery smell.

So, if you are all set to purchase the fragrance oil, keep this tip in mind, and be prepared to feel the magic of using the most exotic fragrance oils in the world. This is even a good option for gifting to a love one.

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Essential Oils Used In Royal Fragrance Perfumes Makes It Healthy To Use: Study

Royal fragrance perfumes come in many different shapes and sizes. But what is common in most of these high end products is the use of essential oils which makes it easier for them to smell great and also immensely healthy to use. By using high quality perfume oils, women can create their own persona, but if you end up using cheap quality ones, it can have severe side effects as well.


Know your perfume


Before you settle for a particular fragrance or brand, it is important for you to know what is going in your body. Most companies which produce a wide variety of perfumes hide behind the curtains and doesn’t share the ingredients details with their consumer. This keeps the consumer in the dark and more often than not may lead to a serious health issue among them.


By using essential oils in the manufacturing process of perfumes you will be safe from its harmful side effect.


What to avoid in order to stay safe?


  1. Strong Smells- There are a lot of perfumes out there which come with an intense and very strong smell. The smell of these perfumes are so strong that it masks all other smells in the adjacent areas. If this smell is natural in occurrence then it might not be bad, but if it is artificially created it might have bad side effects.


Most companies use harmful chemicals in order to create this intense smell and there have been reported cases where this strong smell has caused consumers serious health issues. Due to this many organizations have banned the use of strong smell perfumes at their premises.


  1. Sensitive Perfumes- Your first and foremost priority should be to protect your body at all costs. Remember what goes on to your skin will have an effect on your body as well. Before purchasing a particular perfume, make sure that you are not sensitive to any of its ingredients. If you find that the manufacturer isn’t telling the ingredients used in the manufacturing process of the perfumes, stay away from that brand because you might be allergic to substances you are not aware of.


In conclusion, using essential oils in perfumes can have a soothing effect on your body and it will keep you healthy in the longer run. Therefore always go for soft incense fragrance oil and attar perfumes online.

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What To Know Before Buying Famous Perfumes Online

The world of perfumes and fragrances is a bizarre world. The unknown shopper or the newbie who doesn’t know better just keeps trolling the different types of perfumes on offer and then chooses a fragrance he or she likes and also suits her pocket. This is a difficult situation and often the buyers are so confused that they can’t even come up with questions to ask before deciding on a fragrance to buy.


To help you out, mentioned below are some of things you should know before purchasing fragrance online:


  1. Famous perfumes are not cheap. If you see any perfume brand online that you feel is cheap, stay away because there are more chances of it being fake than being legitimate.
  2. Don’t go over packaged deals. In this scenario the perfume seller tries to bunch up their less sold perfumes with the ones that have a high sell value and pack them neatly in a festival box. They give a discount on the price of individual perfumes, thus making the entire set look more affordable and attractive.
  3. Research before you buy. If you end up visiting a website selling perfumes without doing proper ground research on the products available, then you will be stunned at all the products available. There are hundreds if not thousands of perfumes you can choose from in an online website and therefore knowing what you are looking for, will definitely help you in choosing the right one.
  4. There are different types of perfumes like attar perfume online available and musk oil perfume which are classified according to the strength of their fragrances. A website may offer you both eau-de-toilet and eau-de-parfum, of which the former is ideal for personal use and the later for gifting on special occasions.
  5. Before locking down on a particular fragrance and style, try a couple of samples. You can do this by visiting the physical store of the seller and smelling some samples. After you have decided on which one you like, just order it online and get it delivered to your doorstep.
  6. Like many other things in the market, you can subscribe to your favorite fragrances as well. This way you don’t have to go over the chore of choosing one every month and get something new and exciting delivered to you at a preferred date of every month.

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Types of Exotic Fragrance Oils That Can Enhance Your Mood in a Second

Gone are the days when only shopping or various beauty products used to lift our spirits. In the world of today, there are beauty products in the market which come with aroma therapeutic qualities that has been designed in a specific way to lift your spirits in an instant. Mentioned is the list of the most common types you can pick up today.

  1. Peppermint

Most of us suffer from stress from a long day at the office and a packed schedule through the entire week. In situations like these, we all need something from time to time to lift our spirit and mood in an instant. Studies have found that an exotic fragrance oil lie peppermint has two main effects on the human body. First it can have a significant reduction in your heart rate and can additionally cure you of headaches as well. You can mix two to three drops of the oil in a diffuser and just keep inhaling the scent throughout the day for a soothing and enhanced effect.

  1. Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most common incense fragrance oils in the market due to its calming and relaxing effects. It is used widely in message therapies because of its ability to reduce tension and stress from the body. Users have regularly reported that its used helps to soothe their nervous system, has an uplifting effect on their tired body and is known to restore their energy. It also stimulates the nervous system for a better and more relaxed breathing cycle.

By applying a few drops of jasmine on the palm of your hands and inhaling the fragrance will cure you of stress and anxiety.

  1. Dill

This is one of the most famous perfumes in the market and is a key ingredient in many well-known and famous culinary kitchens around the world. Dill has an extraordinary ability to connect you directly to the earth, therefore making you feel relaxed in an instant. It also has several calmative properties such as releasing tension in the neck, relaxing your shoulders and also is a known reducer of fear and stress.

The best effect of Dill can be understood when applied in stressful and worrisome environments.

  1. Cinnamon

Similar to Dill, Cinnamon is used by countless culinary experts from around the world for a variety of applications. Starting from beverages to main course dishes, cinnamon has a wide variety of uses. For those of thousands of years, countless cultures from around the world have used cinnamon to prevent the spread of bacteria. When in a stressful situation, the use of Cinnamon is known to have a myriad of mind boosting and self-confidence boosting properties.

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How To Find The Best Attar Perfume In The World For Ladies?

Attar is one of the most well-known royal fragrance perfume and prized possessions of Muslims across the globe. There is hardly any Muslim home around the world, where you find the absence of attar. Traditionally known by the name of Ittar, these highly concentrated perfumes are available for sale in flea markets across the world in small decorated bottles. The liquid is concentrated to such a level that the perfume will last you several weeks if not months of use. Attar is made of natural and pure oil and therefore there are very little chances of it getting spoiled, thus giving the product a longer shelf life.

In the older times, it was a tradition followed in every household to offer Attar bottles to every guest visiting one’s home. These small perfumes come in decorated crystal bottles know an Itardans and is ornately and meticulously designed to add to its glamour. The tradition of giving attar as gifts to guests before their departure continues to be a tradition among many Muslim households even today.

How to choose the best attar perfume in the world?

A lot of people are oblivious to this fact, but there is a attar for every season and they can be classified based on its effect on the human body.

  1. Attar for Winter- During the winter season, it is best to choose Attars which have a warm effect on the body. Fragrances such as Musk, Amber and Kesar should be the ones you choose.

  2. Attar for Summers- Similar to the winter season, there are Attars which have a cooling effect on the body. These are made of ingredients like Rose, Jasmine and Kewda and are known to keep the body cool and fresh in the peak of summers.

While all brands manufactures Attars for both the genders, the right way to choose which will be best for you is by knowing its notes. You can classify them according to top or head notes, base notes and middle or heart notes. The different notes are created in accordance to the evaporation process and thereby underlying the intended use of the perfume.

If the notes in a particular Attar is mixed, then it may lead to a mixed effect on the user. For example, the presence of both base note and top or head note, will make the head note the strongest and the base note will dry out over time.

In conclusion, the best way to choose high quality perfume oils like attar that will suite your style and choice of fragrance is to have an in-depth knowledge about its notes. Try not to mix notes and always buy from reputable brands. This will guarantee that the attar will have its desired effect and also will have a sustained shelf life.

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